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I was a Governing Board Member of the San Carlos School District, elected November 2007 and again in November 2011. This site was originally used for the purpose of communicating with school district constituents, however now it is used for surfacing ideas and expressing opinions on various subjects in education, politics, business, or otherwise.

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September 2018
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School Board Election this November

As many of you know, our four-year school board terms begin and end on odd-numbered years, and every two years there are two seats or three seats up for election. As I was re-elected two years ago, my seat isn’t up, but three others are. Beth Hunkapiller, who has served on the San [...]

Welcome to Our New Board Members

Last night we finished a process that we kicked off last month to appoint two new school board members from the vacancies created by Carrie Du Bois and Mark Olbert who each successfully ran for other political positions in the middle of their school board term. We had seven applicants for the appointments who [...]

First Step on New Kindergarten Enrollment Procedures

The following e-mail went out from the Superintendent today about a new “pre-registration” process for incoming Kindergartners. This is a good first step in refining the procedure for enrollment.


The San Carlos School District has made it a priority to improve the kindergarten enrollment process, effective immediately. In an effort to make this process [...]

No school board election this year

The filing period for declaring oneself a candidate for the November’s school board election closed today, and only the current three incumbents up for re-election filed. So, there won’t be an election fpr school board, which will save the candidates the need to mount a campaign and will also save the District some money [...]

So you want to be a Board member?

It’s actually a lot more fun than it looks — I promise!

There are three slots up for election to the School Board on November 3rd. The filing period for candidates opens on July 13th and goes through August 7th.

There is a candidates resources page on the San Mateo County Elections Office website, [...]

Learn about being a school board member!

The superintendent sent out this bulletin yesterday:

Do you have any interest in knowing what it’s like to be a School Board member in San Carlos, or what’s the process for running for office? This November there will be an election for three of the five seats on the School Board. Current school board [...]

San Carlos Delivers Measure B for Its Kids

Although the results are only semi-official at this point, it looks like Measure B has an excellent shot of passing, with preliminary results posted last night showing 71.2% support. The San Mateo County Elections Office says it is planning to make an update on Friday. The math looks good — there were 8,070 [...]

On the November Ballot

Tonight at a special board meeting (where I actually dialed in from New Orleans — on a business trip), the School Board unanimously approved placing a measure on the November ballot to increase the existing parcel tax by $75 per parcel, for a total of $185. In addition, this measure would not have a [...]

Shaking the money tree

If it were only that simple. As we’re close to the end of the school year (and the school’s fiscal year at the end of June), the San Carlos Educational Foundation has been furiously fundraising to reach its goal of $1 million dollars raised for our schools — a truly amazing feat. They [...]

It takes a village

Last Wednesday I was able to attend the ceremony/reception honoring the hundreds of tutors who volunteer for the San Carlos Healthy Cities tutoring program. Also, yesterday I had the opportunity to sit through the Arundel PTA awards reception where the PTA honored many of the parent volunteers who work so hard day in [...]