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I was a Governing Board Member of the San Carlos School District, elected November 2007 and again in November 2011. This site was originally used for the purpose of communicating with school district constituents, however now it is used for surfacing ideas and expressing opinions on various subjects in education, politics, business, or otherwise.

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September 2018
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2012-2013 End of Year Wrap-Up

Friends & Supporters,

I’m sending you my traditional end-of-the-school-year wrap-up of all of the happenings in the San Carlos School District. We did tackle all of our big goals for the year as I outlined in my beginning-of-the-year summary, but here is an overview of the year’s big news:

Bond/Facilities — The big milestone in the [...]

Solving A Complicated Puzzle

This has been an interesting week. It was dominated by discussions regarding our facilities master plan, and specifically the plan for a 4/5 school at Tierra Linda. (There is little dispute about our plans to build a 4/5 school at Central and remove 4th grade from both White Oaks and Brittan Acres).

Let’s start [...]

Big Step in Strategic Planning

Last night’s board meeting was an unusually formatted one — it was a workshop bringing together all of the work done to date on our strategic plan. This has been a process that kicked off in the summer of 2011, and most of last school year was devoted to community meetings as well as [...]

What does “21st Century” Education Mean Anyway?

Today EdSource published a white paper I have been working on for a while called “PURSUING MODERN AND IMPACTFUL PUBLIC POLICY TO RETHINK CALIFORNIA’S K-12 PUBLIC EDUCATION IN THE 21ST CENTURY.” It is, in many ways, the summary of all of the issues that we have discussed locally in San Carlos as well as [...]

Breaking Down The Walls

I have been spending a lot of time lately studying, reading, thinking, and writing about 21st Century Education. In fact, a new whitepaper that I have written will be published in EdSource later this month (I’ll post the link when it’s up). Not just about enhancing technology in schools, 21st Century Education means [...]

EdSource Today

Starting this month, I will be a guest columnist on the new EdSource Today website. This site is edited by John Fensterwald, who was known for his popular TOP-Ed blog on the Silicon Valley Education Foundation site.

My first post from yesterday, The Myth That Only Furloughs Can Balance School Budgets, is a [...]

End of Year Wrap Up

Dear Friends and Supporters,

I continue my custom of writing a year-end summary of all of the happenings in the San Carlos School District this past year.  In my four and a half years on the board, this has probably been the busiest and most exciting time!  Of course, not the least of the events of [...]

Commencement Address

I had the privilege of speaking at both the Tierra Linda and Central Middle School graduations this week. A few people had asked if I could publish the remarks, so here they are:

Congratulations to the class of 2012. I am honored to be able to take a few minutes to address you.

You will [...]

A Strange Obsession

This week the Silicon Valley Community Foundation published a booklet entitled “How Did We End Up with 54 School Districts in San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties?” The piece outlines the history behind how school districts were set up and does an adequate job at explaining the historical context as well as efforts to [...]

The Burden of Transparency

Having spent two decades working in the private sector before running for our local school board, I was unaccustomed to a school district’s degree of openness. Like most public agencies, ours is essentially an open book — all of our board meetings are held in public (with limited exceptions), all of our contracts are [...]