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I was a Governing Board Member of the San Carlos School District, elected November 2007 and again in November 2011. This site was originally used for the purpose of communicating with school district constituents, however now it is used for surfacing ideas and expressing opinions on various subjects in education, politics, business, or otherwise.

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October 2018
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Hindsight Bias and the Logical Fallacies in the Gun Debate

“Why wasn’t the Parkland shooter stopped by the FBI? They got a tip about him!” is a refrain we’re seeing a lot these days. It’s perhaps understandable, but it reminds us of the adage that “hindsight is 20/20” and more specifically illustrates what psychologists call hindsight bias, the idea that an event was predictable even [...]

Capitalism isn’t as Laissez as Many Think

Although core to the economic life of all Americans (and many other citizens around the world), capitalism as a system is often misunderstood or conflated with other “free market” notions such as Laissez-faire economics or even libertarianism. This is partly due to political expedience and partly due to the fact that capitalism is a complex [...]

All Business Experiences are not Created Equal…Certainly not for Future Presidents

The track record of businesspeople going into national political service is a mixed one at best. Our only president with an MBA, George W. Bush, reportedly had a difficult time managing the complexities of the office, and many of the other presidents with business backgrounds – such as Warren Harding, Calvin Coolidge, Harry Truman, and [...]

Is the President really well?

I must admit that during the primary season, I was much more scared of a President Ted Cruz than I was of a President Trump because I imagined Ted Cruz as a more ideologically-driven politically-savvy politician who would get lots of bad things done much more easily. I imagined a President Trump as a sort [...]

The Education Competition Myth (and Why a Voucher System is Doomed to Fail our Kids)

It continues to be a great debate within the education community as to whether competition is a good thing or a bad thing. In fact, our current administration appears to be promoting an agenda of expanding “voucher” programs that are based on this notion that bringing choice and competition to the education world will improve [...]

Why Government is Not (and Should Not be) Like Business

Political chatter seems to always center on how government is inefficient, inept, and wasteful; the oft-cited remedy for such failures is to make government act more like business. After all, isn’t it capitalism — the enterprising spirit, the competition, and the focus on the bottom line — that has made this country great? It is [...]

What we learned from our first child’s journey through the college admissions process

As a parent, it’s easy to convince yourself that it has all led up to this – every parenting decision you have made to date has somehow molded your child to be ready to leave the nest and go to college. It’s all too tempting to think that where they go to college is not [...]

Stay Classy, San Carlos

Last night was my final San Carlos School District Board Meeting as a Governing Board member, and it was bittersweet. Thank you to all who came by to see my last meeting and went out to celebrate afterwards. In the middle of the meeting, there was also an incredible surprise by former Bye Bye Birdie [...]

An Amazing Eight Years

As we are now just a little over two weeks away from the end of my time on the San Carlos School District Board, it seems like a good time to reflect on all of the things that have happened over these last eight years and the many accomplishments of the District. To be clear, [...]

Congratulations to our new School Board Members

Eirene Chen and Michelle Nayfack handily won election to the Governing Board of the San Carlos School District, so they will be replacing me and Adam Rak. The official transition occurs on the first Friday in December, which will be December 4th. That makes December 3rd as my last school board meeting. (Unlike City Council, [...]