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September 2018
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2012-2013 End of Year Wrap-Up

Friends & Supporters,

I’m sending you my traditional end-of-the-school-year wrap-up of all of the happenings in the San Carlos School District. We did tackle all of our big goals for the year as I outlined in my beginning-of-the-year summary, but here is an overview of the year’s big news:

Bond/Facilities — The big milestone in the [...]

Facilities Master Plan Approved

Last night the Board approved the District’s Facilities Master Plan (FMP) — this is the road map for the building and renovation of our facilities over the next decade. The version posted online was not the final one passed — there were a few minor changes in language and organization of “phases” for certain [...]

Hold Harmless not so Harmless

Last month I gave a preliminary take on the Governor’s proposed budget, which looks to replace our existing funding system with a new Local Control Funding Formula. Last week the State Department of Finance released it’s district-by-district calculation on the impact of the LCFF. It should probably come as no surprise that San [...]

Responsibility Shirked

Four and half years ago, the then San Mateo County Treasurer (Lee Buffington, now deceased) lost tens of millions of dollars from public agencies across the county because he held almost 6% of the county portfolio (in which all public agencies are required to invest their cash) in bonds of Lehman Brothers. SCSD lost [...]

Cautious Optimism

The education community is positively giddy about Governor Brown’s budget proposal announced yesterday. All the details will not be released for a few weeks, but the major points appear to be the following:

Overall increase in education spending by 5%
Beginning to pay off the “deferrals” to schools (those payments made in the following fiscal year)
The [...]

A Good Night For San Carlos Schools

Regardless of your take on the Presidential race and the various national contests, there’s no denying that yesterday was a good day for San Carlos Schools.

First and foremost, Measure H passed — and passed big! As per the unofficial tally last night, Measure H had a 66.7% approval rate (noting that it just needed [...]

Bond is on the November ballot!

Yesterday the school board unanimously voted to place a bond measure on the November ballot. This measure, which would need to be passed by 55% of the voters on November 6, would authorize the district to raise up to $72 million to fund new capital projects for the school district. Here is the [...]

Community Forums on Potential Bond Measure

This month the school district will be holding community forums to both discuss placing a potential local bond measure on the ballot in the November 2012 election and to get community input into our strategic planning process.

In March and April 2012, the District commissioned a study to understand the feasibility of a potential ballot measure [...]

A Weighty Formula

The state budget remains as uncertain as when the Governor first proposed his version in January. Although most of the press has been around the dependency upon his proposed tax measure in November and now the possibility of having up to three different tax measures on the ballot, the part of his proposal that [...]

Can We Make Some Investments?

Last night’s school board meeting was a single topic meeting — a study session on budget. As I wrote last month, the budget roller coaster may be very interesting this year. This is, once again, due to the uncertainty in the state budget. The Governor is proposing a budget that is based [...]