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September 2018
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2012-2013 End of Year Wrap-Up

Friends & Supporters,

I’m sending you my traditional end-of-the-school-year wrap-up of all of the happenings in the San Carlos School District. We did tackle all of our big goals for the year as I outlined in my beginning-of-the-year summary, but here is an overview of the year’s big news:

Bond/Facilities — The big milestone in the [...]

Spring Update

I have not given an update in two months, so here’s my “getting close to the end of the year” update. In particular, the District staff, architects, and project managers have been hard at work honing the details of our facilities planning, including preparing for the first bond issuance, analyzing timelines and logistics, and [...]

Facilities Master Plan Approved

Last night the Board approved the District’s Facilities Master Plan (FMP) — this is the road map for the building and renovation of our facilities over the next decade. The version posted online was not the final one passed — there were a few minor changes in language and organization of “phases” for certain [...]

New Sustainability Policy

Last night the board passed the first ever Sustainability Policy adopted by the San Carlos School District. I’m very excited about this!

The policy is of course just a first step toward (and a prerequisite for) real action on this front. The policy is designed to be reasonably holistic and cover a number of [...]

Moving Onward on Facilities

Last night we wrapped up our discussion about grade configurations for our Facilities Master Plan. The bottom line is that the board agreed to proceed with the plan to include the 4/5 schools on both the Central and Tierra Linda campuses and to plan for CLC moving to a new location. Not knowing [...]

One Step Closer

Yesterday the school board had a special meeting to continue the discussion from last week regarding the Facilities Master Plan, and specifically the grade configurations related to TL, Heather, and Arundel. It was a thorough discussion lasting 3 1/2 hours. The first part of the meeting was devoted to delivering more information that [...]

Solving A Complicated Puzzle

This has been an interesting week. It was dominated by discussions regarding our facilities master plan, and specifically the plan for a 4/5 school at Tierra Linda. (There is little dispute about our plans to build a 4/5 school at Central and remove 4th grade from both White Oaks and Brittan Acres).

Let’s start [...]

A Good Night For San Carlos Schools

Regardless of your take on the Presidential race and the various national contests, there’s no denying that yesterday was a good day for San Carlos Schools.

First and foremost, Measure H passed — and passed big! As per the unofficial tally last night, Measure H had a 66.7% approval rate (noting that it just needed [...]

Big Step in Strategic Planning

Last night’s board meeting was an unusually formatted one — it was a workshop bringing together all of the work done to date on our strategic plan. This has been a process that kicked off in the summer of 2011, and most of last school year was devoted to community meetings as well as [...]

Facilties Master Plan

At last night’s school board meeting, we reviewed the initial work of the facilities master plan being developed by the school district. This is the result of work done over the last few years by staff members informed by community committees and board discussions. Although the plan itself (and our overall needs for [...]