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I was a Governing Board Member of the San Carlos School District, elected November 2007 and again in November 2011. This site was originally used for the purpose of communicating with school district constituents, however now it is used for surfacing ideas and expressing opinions on various subjects in education, politics, business, or otherwise.

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September 2018
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Patch Me In

Today a new online publication called San Carlos Patch launched to be a “community-specific news and information platform dedicated to providing comprehensive and trusted local coverage for individual towns and communities.”

Patch was started by AOL to create hyper-local publications across the U.S. They have a number of editions in towns both on the East [...]

Welcome Back to School

This week students returned to school in the San Carlos School District. It was great to see all of the eager faces running around campus and to meet some of the new parents. I hope everyone had an enjoyable summer!

Despite the terrible financial crisis we have endured courtesy of the state of California, [...]

End of Year Update

The following is a letter I sent to my personal e-mail list outlining a summary of this school year and what we look forward to next year:

Dear Friends and Supporters,

As another school year has ended, it seemed appropriate to give everyone an update on the state of the San Carlos School District, what we have [...]

The Ides of March

The following letter was sent out jointly from the Superintendent, School Board, and San Carlos Teachers Association today regarding the March 15th day for potential termination notices to teachers. The letter pretty much says it all.

To the San Carlos Community,
We are writing to inform you about a difficult step the San Carlos School District [...]

Boundary Changes are Finally Done

Last night the school board unanimously approved changing our elementary school boundaries. As I’ve written in earlier posts, this is a change that has been discussed for a number of years, and the Board made it a priority to complete this year. It was a complex problem and an involved process, but [...]

Boundary Changes are finally happening!

Today the Superintendent mailed to parents a letter describing the current proposal to move elementary school boundaries in the San Carlos School District. This plan was presented to the Board on November 3rd, and the Board was generally supportive of the changes, which have been a long time in the making. This proposal [...]

First Step on New Kindergarten Enrollment Procedures

The following e-mail went out from the Superintendent today about a new “pre-registration” process for incoming Kindergartners. This is a good first step in refining the procedure for enrollment.


The San Carlos School District has made it a priority to improve the kindergarten enrollment process, effective immediately. In an effort to make this process [...]

Process for Discussing Boundary Change

Last night, the Board met to bring our new Superintendent up to speed specifically on our thoughts regarding the boundary discussion that has been going on for a year or so(note that Dr. Baker doesn’t actually officially start until August 1st, but he’s clearly dived into a few things already). We agreed to the [...]

Budget Survey Results

The community survey was completed last week, and I presented the results at the Board meeting last night. The survey is a vital part of a multi-step effort to get input from the community and better understand the potential tradeoffs we may need to make in the budget. For more background on the [...]

Enrollment Preferences Clarified

Last night we got some clarity around the District’s enrollment procedures and the legal parameters we work under given we are a charter school district. Without going into detail, suffice is to say we learned we have limited flexibility in how we can give enrollment preferences for our schools. This surfaced as an [...]