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January 2017
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Is the President really well?

I must admit that during the primary season, I was much more scared of a President Ted Cruz than I was of a President Trump because I imagined Ted Cruz as a more ideologically-driven politically-savvy politician who would get lots of bad things done much more easily. I imagined a President Trump as a sort of buffoon whose irrational behavior would just make him completely inert for four years. However, I failed to predict the depth of his sociopathy fueled by his inner circle of sycophants, and the utter breakdown of the “checks and balances” in our system. It seemed (at the time) only rational to think that even a Republican congress wouldn’t allow a fraction of what he was spewing on the campaign trail. So, far, I’ve been proven wrong. It is not an exaggeration to think that we may now begin the darkest chapter in U.S.history in my half-century on this planet. However, I am truly heartened my fellow citizens who are fighting back, including at all of the airport demonstrations yesterday and all of the attorneys who are seeking legal remedies.

But it’s now time for our other branch of government to act, the legislative branch. It has nothing to do with political party, but rather holding up core American values and frankly saving this country (and the world) from long-term and possibly irreparable damage. Trump is not a Republican, and Republicans in congress need to realize they are actually the opposition party to him. This starts by recognizing that America did not elect someone who is psychologically stable. If it weren’t for the fact that he is so dangerous, I’d actually feel sympathy for Donald Trump — it doesn’t require a PhD in Psychology to recognize that he is not well. He exhibits almost every classic sign of sociopathy/psychopathy. Even if you like some of his policies (which we can debate another time), how can this illness not be recognized?

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