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March 2016
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Leaked Trump Speech Prepared for GOP Convention

According to anonymous sources, Donald Trump drafted this speech to deliver at the Republic National Convention in Cleveland in July. It’s incredible!

My fellow Americans, tonight is a special night indeed. Thank you for the honor of nominating me to be the Republican candidate for President of the United States. This is truly an historic occasion, but perhaps not in the way the most people think. I have faced huge obstacles in getting here today, yet due to the support of millions of Americans, I stand before you now as your nominee. When I first entered the race, I was mocked by the media and by the Republican establishment as just a reality star looking for publicity. But the voters took me seriously. When I mocked Mexicans and talked about building a big wall and having Mexico pay for it, every candidate on both sides of the aisle said I was xenophobic and unrealistic. But the voters took me seriously. When I mocked my fellow candidates on their looks, pundits said I went to far. But the voters took me seriously. When I talked about not letting Muslims in our country, the establishment said I was through. But the voters wanted more!

So what does this prove? It shows something amazing! Obviously, people are sick and tired of the politicians we have in this country – we have a bunch of losers! The people are looking for an outsider. Money rules in the U.S. political system, and I admitted to have taken advantage of that as much as I could. People have criticized me for donating to candidates of both parties, but of course I did. That’s how the system works. I have money – lots of money – and our system runs on money, and it would be stupid if I didn’t use my money to influence as many candidates as possible to benefit me and my companies. It would be bad for business if I didn’t.

The second lesson here is that – believe me – there are too many Americans that frankly aren’t very bright. No offense – I love you all, but you either can’t understand the issues, don’t take time to understand the issues, or are so emotionally driven by fear and hate that you will actually follow a demagogue. What I found most interesting is that the Republican establishment tried to stop me at every turn, yet they failed to realize the big irony – the fact that their politics of the last couple of decades – the politics of obstruction, exclusion, science denying, and fear – created the very conditions that allowed me to run and to win. Of course, they weren’t by themselves in doing this – they got a lot of help from our good friends at Fox News, who frankly doesn’t really care much about politics either. They just discovered that they can make money off the American people by being the mouthpiece of this fear. Trust me – they don’t put women like Megyn Kelly on the air because of their brains –she gets men to watch though! (By the way, the real reason I don’t like Megyn Kelly is not because she asked hard questions at the debate, but rather because she doesn’t take responsibility for being part of the problem. She stoked Americans’ fears for years, and then suddenly is shocked when someone runs for President embodying all of those ideas. And I do think she wants to sleep with me, so clearly she has some sexual tension issues).

It’s crazy that you all didn’t figure out that I got into this race as a bit of a stunt. I thought it would be fun to run my own little social experiment and at the same time mess with the Republicans, who have really become the party of stupid – and now a party that is in shambles – thanks to me! I will say that my experiment was an amazing success. I was constantly testing the limits of how far you would let me go. I mocked disabled people, and you clapped. I made up facts, and you clapped. I insulted and fear-baited. I even talked about dating my daughter, and that didn’t bother you! I bragged about the size of my penis, and you were impressed! I intentionally made up most of what I said –independent fact checkers said that over three-quarters of what I said was false – and the voters still supported me. I can say something like, “We’re going to win so much, you’re going to be sick of winning.” We laughed so hard when we came up with that line! And my favorite part of this experiment was how much money we raised! Even though I always talk about how much money I have – I am really rich, you know – people still go on my website and send me donations that I clearly don’t need.

My I.Q. is one of the highest – you know it, and I know it. So c’mon, don’t you think I know that we have airplanes that can fly over any border wall that can be built…I know you can’t torture family members of suspected terrorists…I know immigrants have been critical in making up the tapestry of American life…heck, I married two of them! Yet, you let me keep going, and it was fun, so I kept going! This goes to prove that the Republican Party (with the help of Fox News) bamboozled you all into being driven by fear and the politics of exclusion. Even with hundreds of pundits, current and former politicians, military leaders, and even comedians poking holes in most of what I said, fear and ignorance blinded you. I was huge – the biggest phenomenon in the American history of politics!

Now, I wasn’t lying about a lot of things I spoke about. We are being run by some very stupid people, but I mostly mean our Congress. It is also shocking that one of the two major political parties in this country can’t put up a candidate who has any sense. I was telling the truth when I said that Ted Cruz is a liar (and a complete nut job, by the way) and Marco Rubio is a lightweight. Jeb Bush and Ben Carson – seriously, guys? But perhaps they are just a reflection of the voters – the American people need to look in the mirror, because so many of them are frankly not that bright and a little nuts themselves.

The truth is that I don’t really care about a lot of the political issues – abortion, immigration, gay rights, gun rights, etc. Of course, I care about taxes – lowering them generally helps me, so of course I favor that. But frankly, I don’t want the job as President of the United States. That would be way too stressful and frankly my life is pretty good without it. I can live anywhere I want in beautiful homes and resorts, and I have my beautiful wife – isn’t she terrific! I am my own boss – who would want to deal with Congress and putzes like Mitch McConnell who also don’t want to get anything done. It would be way too frustrating for me to be President – I’m the best at business, and I’m great on television. And it pays a hell of a lot more than being President!

I’m the only one who could have pulled this off and throw this entire process – and this party – into chaos. It deserved to be broken. And it’s not a terrible thing that I probably just handed the Presidency to Hillary Clinton. I disagree with Hillary on some issues, but as I have said in the past, she is smart, hard-working, and does truly care about the American people. You know and I know that with the exception of some social issues like gay marriage (which is of course a good thing), this county has drifted pretty far to the right over the last couple of decades, and Hillary Clinton is fairly close to what mainstream Republicans were in the era of Reagan. She will do fine as president, and hopefully our leaders can come together instead of creating the level of obstruction that they did for President Obama.

So, I will go down on history. Not as the first outsider President, but rather as the outsider who finally exposed our crazy system. I talked about making radical changes in Washington, and what I did will do that, just not in the way you thought I would. Thank you again for allowing me to have a ton of fun – I promised something huge, and historians will say this was huge! Don’t be offended by my experiment on you; you couldn’t help yourself. Just take the opportunity to take your heads out of your asses and stop being so stupid. If you do, we will make America great again! Thank you and good night.

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