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November 2015
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Congratulations to our new School Board Members

Eirene Chen and Michelle Nayfack handily won election to the Governing Board of the San Carlos School District, so they will be replacing me and Adam Rak. The official transition occurs on the first Friday in December, which will be December 4th. That makes December 3rd as my last school board meeting. (Unlike City Council, there is no official swearing in ceremony as the candidates are already sworn in when they file their paperwork to fun…so Eirene and Michelle will just be part of the School Board on December 4th and will attend their first meeting on December 17th unless there is a special meeting earlier).

Neil Layton also ran a good race, and I encourage him to stay involved and consider running in the next election cycle in two years.

Congratulations to Eirene and Michelle, as well as many of the local school board candidates who won election last night. You can see the full results here: https://www.shapethefuture.org/elections/results/2015/nov/web/.

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