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November 2015
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What are the Big Lessons?

As I have been winding up my tenure on the San Carlos School District board, I have been asked by a number of friends and colleagues what I have learned about governing a school district and about local governance in general. So, upon the eve of this election day where we will elect two new school board members (beginning a period of one month where I will officially be a lame duck), I thought it appropriate to share some thoughts on the big takeaways from my experience. Hopefully it will be interesting and instructive to others who choose to serve as well as all members of our community.

You can download the white paper here: http://rosenblatt.org/blog/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/The-Big-Lessons.pdf

If you don’t feel like reading the whole thing, here’s a list of the lessons if you’re curious about a particular one:
1 – Avoid the Temptation of Reductionism
2 – Remember Whom You’re Representing
3 – You Don’t Need to Act Like a Politician
4 – Haters Gonna Hate…
5 – Understand the Value (and Limitation) of Data
6 – See Around Corners
7 – Nothing (and No One) is “Away from the Classroom”
8 – It’s All About That Bass (and Treble)
9 – Risk and Change Must be the New Normal!
10 – We Can Make a Larger Impact
11 – Celebrate!

During my lame duck period, I will have additional reflections on what the District has accomplished over these last eight years as well as send out some acknowledgements. I will also give some reflections at my last board meeting on December 3rd.

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