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May 2015
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Funding (Largely) Restored, Finally…

It took almost my full eight years on the school board to get really good financial news, but at last night’s board meeting we heard the almost unbelievable update that we will have enough money next year to restore most of the programs that were lost or cut since 2008, and even make some new investments. During my tenure, we had so many terrible financial years, and our district managed through the worst of them by cutting costs, reducing financial reserves, passing parcel taxes, and relying on ever-growing community support, such as that from the San Carlos Education Foundation.

Our financial good news stems from two major steps taken this Spring. The first was an increase in state funding — the acceleration of the full implementation of the new funding formula, as well as some increases in one-time funding related to Common Core implementation (all of this of course due to the more robust economy and surging State tax revenue). The second was the passage of Measure P by San Carlos voters. All of this means that we now have the ability for the first time in many years to pass a budget that is balanced, restores a healthy reserve level, and makes new investments in our students.

Essentially, the District is able to restore most of the programs cut since 2008, including reductions that were made to counseling programs, librarians, custodians, literacy, and electives. In addition, we can make a few new investments from items that were high on the priority list. Although some of the restorations will happen over time, we saw a budget proposal last night that included the following:

  • A multi-year agreement with employees for salary increases
  • Additional technology associatiates
  • Greater investments in musical instruments
  • Increased professional development
  • Increased discretionary funds at each school site
  • An additional position to support custodial, safety, and energy management
  • Greater investment in district communications
  • Increased number of counselors
  • Increased facility maintenance
  • Additional investment in literacy programs
  • Additional custodial support
  • Additional school secretarial support
  • Adding middle school electives to allow students to have a second elective option
  • Increased librarian time

The implementation details and timing of all of the above still need to be worked out. Although we have a few more meetings before we pass a budget, I suspect that the final one will be similar to what we saw yesterday. On a cautious note, it’s important to remember that our budget is currently based on the Governor’s state budget proposal, yet our revenue allocation will be based on the final budget passed by the legislature. So, there is still a risk that our revenue numbers could come in a little lower — we should have more clarity over the summer. But in general, our new financial picture allows us to see a much clearer path to executing upon most important initiatives in our Strategic Plan.

So, I don’t want to get too giddy, as we must recognize that California’s economy is cyclical and unfortunately school funding is dependent upon the State’s cyclical funding sources. That is why we will ensure that our near-term budgets have a very healthy reserve level (also, effectively back to the level it was before the 2008 recession). And we must recognize that although our financial picture has greatly improved relative to past years, SCSD is still one of the most underfunded school districts in a state that chronically underfunds education. Lastly, note that this is about our yearly operating budget — we will still face significant financial pressure in the short- to medium-term around our facilities projects, which are (ironically) negatively impacted by the good economy as the cost of construction rises rapidly in this region.

But for now, I will gladly take the good news, and it certainly gives me comfort that as I leave my school board service this year, I leave it with a renewed sense of excitement and possibilities!

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