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January 2015
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Crucial New Measure on the Ballot

Last night, the school board unanimously voted to place a new parcel tax measure on the ballot, to be voted on May 5th in a scheduled all-mail election. This would affect our current two measures in force, Measure A (a parcel tax of $110.60 expiring in 2019) and Measure B (a parcel tax of $78 expiring this year). The absence of any new measure would mean the loss of approximately $750,000 from Measure B’s expiration. This new measure (to be named by the elections office) would combine Measures A and B into a single one, extend their term for 6 years (expiring 2021), and add $58 per parcel. If passed by 2/3 of the voters, the measure would both retain the existing local funding and also add approximately another $500,000 per year.

As most readers know, California public schools have been underfunded for decades, and San Carlos remains one of the lowest funded districts in the state (in one of the highest cost regions). I believe that our staff has done an incredible job in creating a wonderful educational experience for our children despite this context. And naturally, this community has stepped up over and over again to create local sources of revenue for the District — primarily from these parcel taxes as well as from contributions to the San Carlos Educational Foundation. Together these two sources represent approximately 15% of our overall budget, and it would be impossible to have the caliber of teachers and programs without this local revenue. The District has also been quite enterprising in building out its pay-for-service programs, such as pre-school, after school, and camps.

Naturally, the pending expiration of Measure B started the discussion on the need for such continued funding. And unfortunately, due to the new Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) adopted by the State, San Carlos receives less state funding that it would have under the old model (which was one of the lowest in the nation to begin with). So despite news from the state that funding for education is improving, the finances in San Carlos remain precarious, and we are in danger of running down reserves over the next couple of years without spending cuts or a revenue increase. And as parents in the District know quite well, cuts would be quite painful and detrimental for our students — we still have less funding per student than we had in 2007, and costs have gone up!

School finance is a very complicated and counter-intutive subject — if you’d like to learn more, I encourage to watch my video on California education finance — this was updated a little over a year ago to include the effect of LCFF. The parcel tax and education foundation are two of the few tools we have as a local community to control our own destiny. The parcel tax is a true “win-win” in that it helps students but also benefits taxpayers — real estate value increases from supporting the school system dwarf the small amount added to property tax bills.

However, like any measure, we need to get the word out! A group of community members is in the process of forming an independent campaign committee to lead the effort to support this ballot measure. Just as in prior campaigns, it will take a lot of work from a lot of folks to get this message out. If you’re interested in getting involved, please e-mail me and I will connect you with the right people. San Carlos has had a long history of supporting these measures and its schools, but it still required a strong campaign!

We are doing some exciting things in San Carlos – from the new schools being built to some of the incredible additions to the curriculum based our project-based learning, technology, and other “21st Century Learning” concepts – that we can’t afford to slow down and short change our students. This retained and additional funding will help us fill the gap created by the State and give us an ability to further invest in our students and our community. Please get involved, and certainly vote when you get your ballot!

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