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August 2013
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School Board Election this November

As many of you know, our four-year school board terms begin and end on odd-numbered years, and every two years there are two seats or three seats up for election. As I was re-elected two years ago, my seat isn’t up, but three others are. Beth Hunkapiller, who has served on the San Carlos School Board for 20 years, is not seeking re-election. The two other seats are held by Carol Elliott and Kathleen Farthey, both of whom were appointed in the beginning of 2012 to fill the seats vacated by Carrie Du Bois and Mark Olbert (each having been elected to a different position in the middle of their school board term). There will be four candidates running for three positions in this election, and the top three vote-getters will be elected.

Carol and Kathleen are both running in this election, and I wholeheartedly endorse both of them to continue their work on the school board. Carol has been a long-time and dedicated volunteer in the San Carlos School District community, including when I worked with her on the board of the San Carlos Educational Foundation. Carol is bright, detailed-oriented, and passionate in her dedication toward our schools. She will continue to strive for excellence as we execute on our new facilities plan and 21st century education vision. Kathleen has also proven herself in a very short period of time, being also very bright as well as a good visionary and strategic thinker. She continually asks how we can do things better, and leverages her extensive business experience for the benefit of our organization. Both Carol and Kathleen helped shepherd a truly extraordinary year for SCSD and are essential links for continuing this great work. They both deserve your vote.

There are two other candidates running — Nicole Bergeron and Sarah Stiefel. My very strong recommendation and endorsement goes to Nicole Bergeron. Nicole is a long-term San Carlos resident and volunteer (both having attended San Carlos schools herself as well as being extremely involved as her kids have gone through our schools). She has a ton of energy and has proven that she will work hard on behalf of our kids. She brings a diverse set of experiences, including as a school site council and parent leader, foundation and non-profit executive, non-profit board member, as well as an education and housing advocate. She is also dedicated to our current vision and moving the district forward on our key initiatives such as our strategic plan and facilities master plan to accommodate our ever-increasing enrollment. I urge you to vote for Nicole Bergeron in addition to Carol Elliott and Kathleen Farley this November!

I also encourage you to look at the other races in November that will affect our community, such as the race for San Carlos City Council, the Sequoia Union High School District, and the San Mateo County Community College District. You can see a list of all candidates for ever race in the county at https://www.shapethefuture.org/documents/dynamic/candidaterosterweb.pdf.

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