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I was a Governing Board Member of the San Carlos School District, elected November 2007 and again in November 2011. This site was originally used for the purpose of communicating with school district constituents, however now it is used for surfacing ideas and expressing opinions on various subjects in education, politics, business, or otherwise.

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November 2012
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Finally Some Real Higher Math Changes

In my five years on the school board, the most persistent (and justified) complaint that I have heard about our school district is the way we manage our math program in the middle schools, particularly for higher-level students. Primarily, parents have been puzzled by the lack of consistent approaches between our two middle schools [...]

A Good Night For San Carlos Schools

Regardless of your take on the Presidential race and the various national contests, there’s no denying that yesterday was a good day for San Carlos Schools.

First and foremost, Measure H passed — and passed big! As per the unofficial tally last night, Measure H had a 66.7% approval rate (noting that it just needed [...]