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September 2012
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What does “21st Century” Education Mean Anyway?

Today EdSource published a white paper I have been working on for a while called “PURSUING MODERN AND IMPACTFUL PUBLIC POLICY TO RETHINK CALIFORNIA’S K-12 PUBLIC EDUCATION IN THE 21ST CENTURY.” It is, in many ways, the summary of all of the issues that we have discussed locally in San Carlos as well as the many issues and frameworks presented by other educational leaders.

The purpose of the paper is three-fold:

  • To broaden our thinking about what defines a “21st Century Education” and understand that although technological changes were largely the catalyst for our new world context, it is not the technology alone which will create the modern educational experience. Rather, it is the elimination of the virtual and physical restrictions we have created for learning and the opening up of new, previously unavailable (or costly) resources to enhance teaching and learning.
  • To acknowledge that one can be both be a staunch defender of public education and also recognize that to move forward, we must change almost everything.
  • To appreciate that in order to accomplish even a fraction of what I suggest, significant public policy changes at the state level need to be made.

Here are the links to my short blog post on EdSource introducing the topic as well the white paper itself.

Special thanks to Craig Baker, Tom Keating, Ted Lempert, my colleagues on the San Carlos School Board, and colleagues from the San Mateo County School Boards Association who all helped shape (in some cases knowingly and in others unknowingly) many of the ideas and concepts in the white paper. I hope it is useful as a framework for our future discussions!

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