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I was a Governing Board Member of the San Carlos School District, elected November 2007 and again in November 2011. This site was originally used for the purpose of communicating with school district constituents, however now it is used for surfacing ideas and expressing opinions on various subjects in education, politics, business, or otherwise.

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November 2011
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Doing our Homework

At Thursday night’s board meeting, we had an extremely interesting and meaty discussion about homework throughout the district. I was very pleased with the discussion, as it was open, honest, important, complicated, and a perfect demonstration that issues are not often as black and white as they may seem.

The district has had a long-held [...]

Filling Two Vacancies

There were two important e-mails from the Superintendent this week regarding the next steps to fill the two school board vacancies left by Mark Olbert and Carrie Du Bois. Please take a look, and I encourage everyone to attend both these forums and the regular school board meetings on November 17th and December 8th.

As [...]

Victory, and Next Steps…

Although the election isn’t officially “certified” for a few weeks, the results are in. Thank you to all San Carlans for your overwhelming support for my candidacy. The final results from last night are:

SETH A. ROSENBLATT – 2,628 (40.9%)
ADAM RAK – 2,377 (37.0%)
PETER TZIFAS – 1,418 (22.1%)

Congratulations to my soon to be [...]