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August 2011
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School Board Election is On

It's Official — there will be a contested election for San Carlos School Board this Fall. Three candidates have filed to run for school board: Adam Rak, Peter Tzifas, and myself.

Therefore, this is the official start of the campaign. Although most of you know me fairly well, I will still spend some time out in the community talking to parents and other folks interested in how our schools are doing, getting feedback from them, and having a dialog about where we are going. Please visit my campaign web site to see a summary of some of the accomplishments of the last four years, the challenges and issues still ahead, and my backgroundleadership, and endorsements. Of course, I'll still be keeping everyone up to date on my blog.

If you haven't already, please endorse me!

I also wanted to give you a preview of some of the activities that will be happening over the next few months:

  • COMMUNITY MEETINGS: As I did four years ago, I will be holding a series of "community coffee" get-togethers at people's homes in September and October.  This is a great way to have a solid dialog in a small setting and answer any questions that folks have.  If you are interested in hosting any of these, please e-mail me so we can coordinate dates and times.  I will send a subsequent e-mail when the calendar is finalized.
  • DEBATES: The San Carlos Education Foundation will once again be hosting "candidate forums" probably in early October.  This will be an opportunity to see all of the candidates discuss the issues and answer questions.  I will pass on the dates and details when they are finalized.
  • LAWN SIGNS: Lawn signs are back!  If you are willing to permit a lawn sign in front of your house, please e-mail me with your addressThere is no work on your part — we will deliver and place the signs (probably in late September or early October) as well as take them down a few days after the election.       

As always, if anyone would like to have a phone call or meet in person, I'm willing to do that any time.  Please just e-mail me.

Many of you vote by mail, and you will get those ballots in October.  Please complete and return them, or otherwise remember to vote on November 8th. Thanks once again for your support!.



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