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December 2010
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Org Changes at The District

Today the Superintendent announced a number of organizational changes among the leadership at three of our schools. I think this is a very positive step which will help move forward our District goals. Read his message below:

Superintendent Announces Administrative Reorganization
Posted on 06. Dec, 2010 in Uncategorized

To the San Carlos School District Community,

Today the District is announcing an important series of organizational changes that will let us build and strengthen an aligned, consistent, and high quality curriculum from kindergarten through eighth grade across all school sites. These changes, which will be effective as of January 3, 2011, will both accelerate the achievement of that goal and better leverage the strengths of our skilled staff members.

A number of district office roles are being consolidated under a Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Accountability. Lynette Hovland, the current Principal of Central Middle School, is taking on this important role. Her wealth of experience in curriculum and instruction, as well as managing accountability and compliance matters, makes her the perfect candidate. Filling this position at this time lets us immediately begin the professional development work that is necessary to achieve the goals I outlined above.

Taking over as Principal at Central Middle School will be Steven Kaufman, current Principal of Arundel School. Many of you know Mr. Kaufman as a long-time district employee and resident who has extensive middle school experience from his tenure as Tierra Linda’s vice principal. He will be a great fit for the Central community.

Adam Paulson, the current Vice Principal at Tierra Linda, will become Principal of Arundel. Mr. Paulson joined the District with an impressive resume, and he rapidly earned the confidence and respect of the Tierra Linda students, staff, and parents alike. I’m confident Mr. Paulson will engender the same response from the Arundel school and community.

Paul Chun, the current Vice Principal of Central, will become the Vice Principal of Tierra Linda. Mr. Chun’s long-term experience in our district at the middle school level makes him an excellent partner for John Nazar, our new principal at Tierra Linda. Mr. Nazar is excited to have the opportunity to work with Mr. Chun, and I know Mr. Chun will be a significant asset to the school.

Marie Crawford will move over from her current position in the District Office to replace Mr. Chun as Vice Principal of Central Middle School. Ms. Crawford made a major impact in the District by launching our new Preschool at Heather and 
SMART-E After School and Summer Camp programs, as well as significantly enhancing our utilization of technology. I have known and worked with Ms. Crawford for many years, and I know her to be an outstanding educator.

In these extremely difficult budget times, I can understand people being concerned about any potential financial impact of these changes. Please know, however, that as a result of our ability to leverage the talents of our staff, all of these moves will fit within our existing budget.

Of course, the real strength of any organization is less about the money it has to spend than the people who make it work. Since the day I arrived in SCSD, I have been excited to work with such a tremendously talented team of educational leaders. I am even more excited today as a result of these organizational changes. The tremendous depth of talent and experience in the District is what makes me completely confident that these moves, while extensive, will happen smoothly. That same talent and experience will now be more effectively utilized to drive the District forward and provide an even better, and more inspired, education for our children.

Please join me in welcoming these fine leaders to their new positions. As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly.


Craig Baker, Ed.D.

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