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October 2010
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Goals, 4th Graders, and Measure D

Those topics aren’t necessarily related except for the fact that they were the key topics discussed at last night’s board meeting, which was reasonably well attended particularly given it conflicted with Game 2 of the World Series.

Board Goals – although there will still be some wordsmithing on the final presentation, the Board essentially agreed to a list of yearly goals presented by the Superintendent. The goals break into three categories, including:

  • Developing and strengthening high quality programming across school sites – this relates to a culture of professional learning, reinforcing high quality professional development for staff, and looking at specific programs such as math at the middle schools to ensure the highest quality, equitable, programs.
  • Improving infrastructure to ensure sufficient capacity and safety, and creating a learning environment to allow us to build a 21st Century, global education (note that we have set up a future meeting to decide what such an education means, but we agreed regardless that we need better infrastructure to support such a longer-term initiative). This includes developing a plan for increasing school capacity, addressing traffic issues, and upgrading technology.
  • Continue innovative revenue generation and prudent budget management in these tough times, including the Measure D renewal and enhancing the SMART-E programs.

4th Grade Out-of-District Students: With the additional of further information and upon recommendation of the Superintendent, the Board reversed an earlier decision and agreed to guarantee placements for current 4th grade students who live outside of the District boundaries. We recognize that we have a capacity issue regardless of this decision (see goals above), and the Board felt that we wanted to continue to serve these children whose families have been part of our community for the last five years. The District will need to continue to work with its partner Edison Montessori (which runs a preschool on the TL/CLC campus) to find creative solutions to both provide space for Edison but at the same time alleviate overcrowding on that campus.

Polling Firm: The Board voted to hire Godbe Research (the polling firm used in the successful Measure B campaign) to work with the district to conduct a poll of the community to understand the viewpoints around renewing Measure D, with the assumption that the Board will likely place such a measure on the ballot next Spring.

Happy Halloween and Go Giants!

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