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May 2009
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San Carlos Delivers Measure B for Its Kids

Although the results are only semi-official at this point, it looks like Measure B has an excellent shot of passing, with preliminary results posted last night showing 71.2% support. The San Mateo County Elections Office says it is planning to make an update on Friday. The math looks good — there were 8,070 votes counted so far (out of 17,003 registered voters), and even if 2,000 more votes are to be counted (which is probably high given the County estimates), Measure B would still pass even if only half of those left to count were Yes votes. So, although I don’t like to count my chickens before they hatch, this is a pretty good bet.

I am so grateful to the whole community for supporting this measure. As a School Board Member, I was all too aware of the devastating consequences if we didn’t receive this funding. We would have faced very difficult choices — choices that would have significantly (negatively) impacted our childrens’ education, divided our community, and made our city less desirable to live in.

We’re not out of the woods yet — even with Measure B money, we still need to make cuts. Keep in mind that the State cut our budget by roughly $2 million, and Measure B only solves about half of this problem. But the cuts we will need to make will obviously not be nearly as significant.

Special thanks goes to the hundreds of volunteers who helped with the campaign, who donated money, who worked on mailers, did phone banks, walked precincts, etc. This was a tremendous effort which affirmed my faith in our community and reminded me why I live here.

I’ll post more updates as they come. There is a board meeting tomorrow night (5/7) at 7pm to hopefully rescind some of the layoff notices that we gave to teachers!

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